Research interests

I am professor at the School of Advanced Studies, which is part of the Tyumen State University, in Tyumen, Russia, teaching a course on Information Technology and Computer Science.
I have been postdoctoral fellow in the Nonlinear Photonics Group, at the Centre Énergie Matériaux Télécommunications, part of the Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS). I have lead a project aimed at the realization of a quantum key distribution system, in collaboration with prof. Louis Salvail, from the Laboratoir d'Informatique Théorique et Quantique, in the Department of Computer Science and Operations Research, at Univesrsité de Montréal.
I have also been involved in other projects related to quantum optics, non-linear processes and single photon generation, that have lead to the generation of four-photons entangled quantum state.
My scientific research so far has evolved around my interest in Quantum Optics, Quantum Mechanics, and Quantum (and Classical) Information Theory.
Douring my previous postoctoral fellowship, at Univesrsité de Montréal, in the Laboratoir d'Informatique Théorique et Quantique, I have worked with Gilles Brassard at an extension of the complexity analysis of quantum algorithms beyond the query complexity model.
Douring that period I also had the opportunity to attend the lectures of Patrick Hayden on Quantum Information Theory, while he was at the McGill University in Montreal, and to attend the meetings of his group as a guest. His work has attracted my attention to the applications of Quantum Information Theory to studies in other fields of theoretical physics, such as the Black Holes Information Paradox, and the Renormalization Group Information Flow.
In the previous post-doctoral internship at the École normale Superiéure de Cachan, in the LPQM group I have started to work as theoretician, and I have consolidated my knowledge of Information Theory. Formalising and solving practical aspects of Quantum Key Distribution protocols has helped me to clarify some deeper aspects of Quantum Mechanics.
Douring my DPhil (PhD) project at the University of Oxford, in the Photonic Nanomatirials Group I have developed more insights about the experimental and theoretical aspects of Quantum Information Processing, working with the NV colour defect in diamond.
I have done my undergraduate studies in Università di Napoli "Federico II". Starting with my graduation thesis project, I have worked at experimental projects in Quantum Optics and Quantum Key Distribution both in academic and industrial environments.


List of publications (conferences proceedings are not included)

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